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                     All Pictures (c) Michael Milan. Last Update: 17.11.2013 (Düsseldorf Airport updated)


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Airbus A380-800 Singapore Airlines, 09/05/10, ZRH

Airbus A330-200 Air Greeland OY-GRN, 06/08/10, CPH

Airbus A320-200 Monarch G-MRJK, 02/07/12, FNC

Boeing 747-400BCF Great Wall Airlines B-2430, 17/05/13, HKG

Lockheed Super Constellation SCFA HS-RSC, 12/07/14, Duxford

Airbus A380-800 Emirates A6-EDF, 27/06/10, LHR

Ilyushin IL-96-300 Cubana CU-T1250, 26/08/11, MAD

Freight Ramp at CGN, 03/09/12

F-16C Falcon Turkish Air Force 91-0011, 15/06/12, GKE

Boeing 747-400F KLM Cargo PH-CKC, 05/05/12, AMS

Airbus A340-600 Virgin Atlantic G-FVIZ, 25/08/12, LHR

Airbus A330-200 LTU D-ALPF, 01/05/09, DUS

Airbus Industrie A300-600ST F-GSTC, 27/04/11, XFW

Airbus A330-300 Aer Lingus EI-EDY, 27/07/11, DUB

Antonov AN-124 Volga-Dnepr RA-82044, 16/02/11, DUS

Airbus A380-800 Lufthansa D-AIMG, 12/06/11, FRA

Boeing 707-300 Republic of Mali TZ-TAC, 10/04/09, DUS

Fokker 100 Portugalia Airlines CS-TPE, 02/07/12, FNC

Boeing 747-8F BA World Cargo G-GSSE, 20/02/13, DUS

Antonov AN-12 Meridian UR-CGV, 05/05/12, AMS

Boeing 747-8I Lufthansa D-ABYA, 21/11/12, DUS

Boeing E-3A Sentry NATO LX-N 90451, 20/05/09, GKE

Airbus A330-300 Air China B-6513, 27/03/11, DUS

Boeing 747-400 Aerolineas Argentinas LV-ALJ, 27/08/11, MAD

Boeing 777-300ER Etihad, A6-ETF, 05/05/11, MAN

Iljushin IL-76TD MCHS RA-76362, 20/05/09, GKE

Tupolev TU-154M Aeroflot RA-85644, 18/10/08, DUS

Boeing KC-135 US Air Force AK-8043, 19/08/09, GKE

McDonnell Douglas MD-11F Lufthansa Cargo D-ALCC, 06/08/09, FRA

Lockheed C-5A Galaxy US Air Force 80223, 20/06/10, STR

Boeing 757-200 United N529UA, 17/07/08, ORD

Lockheed L1011-500 Royal Air Force ZD952, 06/06/08, DUS

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      All Pictures (c) Michael Milan. Last Update: 17.11.2013 (Düsseldorf Airport updated)

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