07/12/2014 Bachem Natter Luftwaffe, Brengun

The finished Bachem Natter. A really tiny model, and a typical Czech short-run kit, so assembly was more challenging than usual. Nevertheless an interesting subject.


And the famous Mosquito, this is the Nightfighter version NF.Mk II. Kit from Airfix.

I finally assembled this cardboard diorama kit. Itīs basically a floor, two walls and a ceiling, and I glued this to stryrene sheets for greater stability. The printing is really good and it resembles a heavy sheltered German secret "V-weapons" factory, so you can display Luftwaffe jets here.


Polikarpov I-153 biplane, one of the few biplane designs used in WWII. Kit from Smer/Heller.


Just finished this Mistel 1 kit from Italeri:


Fiat CR42 from Italeri, a great kit:


Blohm & Voss Bv 141B, Luftwaffe 1941. Airfix

Fokker D.XXI, Dutch Army Aviation Brigade, 1940. PM Models

Ilyushin IL-2, Soviet Air Force 1944, Hobbyboss


So, after some idle 25 years, I tried to brush up my rusty modeller skills with my favorite subject in 1/72 scale, WWII warbirds. Here are my current results:

Heinkel He 178, the first jet aircraft. Condor/MPM

Brewster B-339 Buffalo, Finnish Air Force 1943, Hasegawa

Horten Ho 229 V3 flying wing, Luftwaffe 1945. Revell

Macchi MC.200 Saetta, Italian Air Force 1940. Hobbyboss


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